Tote Bag

• Union screen printed

• Made in USA

• 10 oz Recycled Cotton Canvas

• Interior open pocket

• 18"W x 15"H x 7"D

• Gussetted side panels / blank back 

• 12.5" black poly handles


More info

This fabric is made from a 65% blend of cotton produced from the excess fabric of newly made clothing, and 35% Bottle Bag material (made from 100% recycled PET bottles). This unique manufacturing process saves land, energy, and water. 

According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 25,000 tons of new textile fiber is disposed of by North American spinning mills, weavers and fabric manufacturers each year. Recycled cotton is recovered cotton that would be wasted during the spinning, weaving and cutting processes. Up to 40% of cotton grown is wasted between the harvest and the manufacture of garments. In the past, this waste went directly into landfills.


15% of all proceeds are donated to Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC), a prisoner-led section of the Industrial Workers of the World.

"As incarcerated workers, we are some of the most exploited workers in the country. There is no minimum wage for prison labor. The average wage is 20 cents an hour, with some states not paying a wage at all. Up to 80% of wages can be withheld by prison officials. There are very few safety regulations and no worker's compensation for injury on the job. While in prison, we try to earn money to support our families, ourselves, and pay victim restitution yet these wages prevent us from that. We believe that as workers we are guaranteed the same protections and wages as other workers.

We are working to abolish prison slavery and this system that does not correct anyone or make our communities safer."