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  • • Union screen printed • Made in USA • 2-ply 100% cotton • Hand-dyed in Los Angeles Customize your choice of eight elastic cord options and three masks options: Pinko Paradise has pinkish primary tones. Green New Feel has blueish/green primary tones. Scranton Sunrise has yellowish primary tones. Each mask has a unique watercolor effect and, as...

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  • • Union screen printed • Made in USA • 10 oz Recycled Cotton Canvas • Interior open pocket • 18"W x 15"H x 7"D • Gussetted side panels / blank back  • 12.5" black poly handles

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  • Functionally Dead x Forty Foot LA  • Union printed • Made in USA • Hand-dyed in Los Angeles by Forty Foot LA • 100% pre-shrunk cotton, 5.4 oz  Each shirt has a unique color pattern and, as with any hand-dyed item, variation occurs. Pinko Paradise | pink/orange primary tones Centrist Blues | blue/pink primary tones Scranton Sunrise | yellowish...

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  • Union printed Made in USA A2 single-sided greeting card (4.25" x 5.5") 12 greeting cards (six of each design) + 12 envelopes Spread the holiday spirit this season in solidarity with labor strike movements across the country. Artwork by Diana Kolsky

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A note to the consumer: we know that participating in ethical commerce as Socialists is challenging, which is why doing so is a responsibility we take seriously. 100% of the items in our shop are Union printed and Made in the USA.

This means when you buy something here, not only are you actively supporting Leftist writers and artists—your dollar is indirectly supporting labor rights and the demand for living-wage work in the U.S. Additionally, all packaging is 100% eco-conscious and plastic-free, and all shipments support the USPS exclusively.

Individuals and organizations who capitalize off "socialism" as a brand—who commodify it for personal profit by exploiting the very means they allege to disavow—do an incredible disservice to the movement.

We at Functionally Dead are separating ourselves by example in order to provide transparency to the consumer. When (these allegedly socialist) sellers cite the excuse that ethical commerce is impossible or impractical, the truth is it's neither—they're simply unwilling to put in the work because capitalism is cheaper and easier.