The Intersection of Tech-Town & Hell: Andrew Yang’s Proposed Street Name Dedications

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Yang Street Names

Street Name art by Priya Patel

Unfortunately, there’s already a ton of streets with honorific names in New York City, but no worries Yang Gang! We can rename some of the less popular names to names more befitting of Gotham’s awesomesauce future!

Bowling Green is now DogeArmy Plaza

Harlem River Drive is now known as Chocolate Rain Guy Boulevard

Bleecker Street is now Mango Lady Street

Columbus Circle is now Freedom Dividend Drive

Thompson Street is now Joker Avenue

Mulberry Street is now Italians Shouldn’t Be Considered White Avenue

St. Mark’s Place is now Back The Blue Drive

Golda Meier Way is now Bodega Bay Gay Street is now Really Gay (But In A Good Way) Street

Wall Street is now Human-Centered Capitalism Square

30 Rockefeller Plaza is now The Daily Planet

Lincoln Center is now Woody Allen’s Manhattan

The West Side Highway is now Uber Provides a Flexible Schedule to Gig Economy Workers Highway

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