Who Said It: Andrew Yang or Our Dumb Friend Gerg While He Was High?

[The Func Dead Heads David Bluvband Kyle Ewert Taylor Gonzalez Jenny St.Angelo]

Yang or Gerg

  1. “Zero emissions MTA buses that have ports for you to stick your penis in to regenerate your foreskin if you were circumcised at birth while you ride.”

  2. “Someone always comes up to me and says ‘Last time, I voted for Donald Trump, this time I’m voting for you.’”

  3. “I want to give every single New Yorker a UTI.”

  4. “I want to give every single New Yorker a UBI.”

  5. “Yo I’m super high right now, does this count as a bodega?”

  6. “Did you ever notice that Mangos are always wet?”

  7. “How can we have zero emissions when energy can’t be created or destroyed?”

  8. “What if we FUND the police??”

  9. “Housing problem? What if we just moved every New Yorker to Nebraska? It’d be WAY cheaper.”

1. Gerg, 2. Yang, 3. Gerg, 4. Yang, 5. Gerg last Saturday night/possibly Andrew Yang while filming his latest commercial, 6… uh… we got high with Gerg and forgot the rest of the answers…

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