Oops, This Devil’s Advocate on Twitter Couldn’t Fit His Whole Frothing Mad Op-Ed in the Tweet!

Brady O’Callahan

Twitter Man Screaming

All the time I hear about how Democrats, even when Republicans are stopping them, are thinking about trying to forgive student loans for Americans all over the world. But, uhhh, I got a problem with it! Actually a question for you, Mr. Answers! If they forgiven student loans now make it so better then how come we no does nothing before, smart guy?

If the answer is that Democrats are so bad well then I’m sorry I think we have to disagree about agreeing because I simply WON’T go back to Trumpington D.C., and that’s the options.

If you have loan, you are already rich kind of. Just use the money you took, Mr. Answers. And that’s the thing about health insurance too if we’re talking about it.

I work hard to not die from diseases that Ffizer and Moderma and Jake & Johnson only have cure for and if you have it maybe just get a job with enough MONEY and time for the medium amount to get coverage.

Black Lives Matter ok BUT…!!! Are cops mainly on the good side? Yes. My uncle was a cop and he was scared every day. What are you scared of? Probably not having your latte every morning or WORSE working a job where you need to make a latte, which is embarrassing and NOT a skill unless I can do it at home for fun!

And what is all the blah blah blah I heard about Global Warming? I think we need CYBERTRUCKS. Elon if you read this, thank you, Mr. Answers!!!

I wish for every person who reads this would learn about how wrong they are but I’m not and that also reminds me of war, which is justified sometimes like now and then. We can NEVER FORGET and I will never be forgetting personally for me, but I guess I’m just a PATRIOT for my country and if you don’t like it you can maybe do something about it like run for president but if you’re not old already i just don’t know if you have experience like i have had experience in my job getting Medicine Protection.

I’m sure you agree.

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